Re: Just starting a website--need advise
Jean Bullock

    Donna, do you know who is going to host the site? Some ISPs give their
    customers free webpages and an online webpage builder is often included in the
    mix. Those are usually easy to use and you don't have to deal with FTP settings
    and so forth. If you are going to use one of those free teacher page websites, most already
    have online builders and certain restrictions regarding pictures and so forth.
    Some won't let you upload Frontpage files, so don't pay money for a program
    you won't be needing.

    Please let us know more so we can advise you.

    On 7/16/05, Donna C wrote:
    > I would like to creat a website for my third grade
    > classroom. I'm interested in posting information for
    > parents for homework/project help, post pictures, post my
    > weekly newsletter, etc. What program would be best for a
    > newbie like me? We have a copy of Frontpage 2000, is that
    > a good one or is a newer version of 2003? I know I will
    > check out the book Frontpage for Dummies to walk me
    > through it (I was looking at it tonight at Books A
    > Million). Any other suggestions? Any help would be
    > greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks,
    > Donna C