Re: Feedback on my site, please--with LINK

    There are 2 things that struck me right away. First, I would use
    the same menu on every page. When I switched from page to page
    it seemed to jump around. Even though you don't need the Home
    link on the home page having it there will keep your pages
    consistent. The other thing is just a pet peeve of mine. it may
    not bother anyone else but i like pages that open and the entire
    page shows on the screen. I don't have to use the scroll bar on
    the bottom to see all of the page. You can fix this very easily
    by just making the page a little bit smaller. Other than that I
    think it is fine. Your font color might be a little bit light on
    the page about you but I could read it okay. I think you have a
    good start on a nice site.