Re: Calendar Software needed
Jean Bullock

    Can't wait until download time. The calendar looks very nice, Raven.
    On 12/06/05, Raven wrote:
    > On 8/12/05, Pogo wrote:
    >> I am interested in some software where I can post school
    >> wide events on a calendar. I would like it to show the
    >> month and then fill in events. As you click each event a
    >> box will open with more info about the event.
    > I just wrote one that I plan to give out to teachers freely.
    > If you want to explore it, go to
    > You can login as a general user with the username: santaclaus
    > and the password: hohoho12 to explore. That login doesn't have
    > admin rights but admin can change all settings (color,
    > categories, users, etc.)
    > It's ready now but I need to package it together a bit more
    > online first and add one or two small tweeks. It will be up
    > for download in January if you like it.
    > Raven Oak