Re: Is this what you mean? Re: Site with all kinds of tests

    On 10/10/05, Anna/4th/Ga wrote:
    > My district uses this site. It allows each
    > school/organization to develop their own surveys to measure
    > various skills/performance and then has different ways of
    > viewing/analyzing the data.
    First im a designer second ALL OF THOSE TESTS SUCK dont even
    wast the web space, im tempted to corrupt such a site. that
    said if you wanted to creat usefull online media and had a
    clue about technology you might try macromedia's Captivate. it
    has a built in flash based quiz creator. seriously dont try
    to group kids into what job they most likely would be good
    at/ I have a masters in tech a teaching degree and am a web
    designer and a web anylist. similar tests told me in high
    school i sould be a factory worker. very damaging this
    software can be. as a web designer i try do currpt such
    programs when i find them on sites. teach kids and let them
    decide what to do later in life thats what college is for. How
    can kids know what they like when they have experianced so
    little and had so few rudeimentary classes.