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Any constructive (and easy to fix) criticisms?

Also, how do you type without leaving a space between each
line. I'd love it if that faculty page was smaller!

Thanks (You have to click the button on the left to get to
the website.)
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Mary/SATX /blockquote>

Try holding down the shift key when you hit enter.
Aug 19, 2005
Marva /blockquote>

Could you take a look at the site? It's really simple. But I was
wondering about the way it doesn't fill the whole screen. Do you
think that is okay? Or should I center things?

On 8/19/05, Mary/SATX wrote:
> Try holding down the shift key when you hit enter.
Aug 22, 2005
ES /blockquote>

I assume you are using Front Page, if so, hold down shift as
you press enter to go to the next line. That makes it single
Aug 23, 2005
code? /blockquote>

It is easier to help if we saw the html code. Since the
district hides it by linking we can't see it through view

If you want the table centered put the "
Sep 7, 2005
Ron/DE /blockquote>

I use Dreamweaver too and put text inside tables. Let the
text wrap at the end of each line. Example:

[link removed]

You can also justify the text if you want the lines to be
even, but ther will be gaps in the lines that you may not

[link removed]

Good luck with it.
Sep 7, 2005

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