Re: Do any of you make websites for a side business?

    On 8/18/05, Pogo wrote:
    > I'm working on a physician's website to make additional
    > money. I'm thinking of going through our school phone
    > directory and sending out a blanket email to those that
    > have businesses asking if they would like to employ me for
    > their webmaster. Have any of you done this?
    > My dream would be to generate enough business to stop
    > working at school but I'm not crazy enough to believe that
    > will take place.well, you could do that but I am a webdesigner and a web
    anylist and teacher. I would suggest learning
    photoshope,dreamweaver and flash before going fulltime. web
    design is not as fun as most think you have to read minds
    interpret lack of creativity and let the customer take all
    the credit for your disign if they like it. here is a site
    that I did for a landscaping company and I have only received 400$ this
    is a 2000$ site....I would take a teaching job in a second.