Re: Do any of you make websites for a side business?

    On 9/26/05, megan wrote:
    > Sorry, can't agree - most business do NOT want flash (it can't
    > be spidered/indexed by search engines and most surfers do not
    > want to wait for flash sites to download) the real direction
    > to go is creating sites using css fwiw, megan
    > On 9/26/05, Chad wrote:
    >> not a bad site but if you are going to do design you need to
    >> learn FLASH because action script is what everyone wants.WHATEVER.....what you a crack baby? when is the last time a non-
    flash site won an award. flash is vector based speeding up
    download time you must not be a designer and I have a site that
    is spidered and the index page is nothing but flash its how you
    use flash that makes the diffrence. Flash is the top end what
    every well paying business wants. it enables businesses to
    engage the end user there is an 80 percent retention rate among
    those who visit a flash sites compared to a basic html
    site......GET WITH THE TIMES...great your in education figures
    they are about ten years behind the times like this person. ps
    throw front page away..