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I'm working on a physician's website to make additional
money. I'm thinking of going through our school phone
directory and sending out a blanket email to those that
have businesses asking if they would like to employ me for
their webmaster. Have any of you done this?

My dream would be to generate enough business to stop
working at school but I'm not crazy enough to believe that
will take place.
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megan /blockquote>

hi digi

first of all, Yes, your demeanor was rude, but I ignored it
because I guessed you are probably young and a bit impetuous.

In reply to what you posted, I said that flash site content cannot
be indexed by search engines, I did not say the sites cannot be
detected. It is the indexing of y...See More
Dec 2, 2005
digi-lutions /blockquote>

the wilhelm site was left as is per customer request. He wanted the
music and wanted to force the splash page. I am aware that some page
headings read unintitled, but that is the clients problem he has had
so many changes without paying I have refered him to another
Dec 26, 2005
digi-lutions /blockquote>

[link removed].
Nov 26, 2006
Simon Tarran I have used my knowledge of teaching and my free time to organise free resources for primary/elementary school teachers. Have a look. It is free.

[link removed]

I figure that if I can organise resources that help teachers to plan it will save them time.

If they like it it will mean I may get some income from the ads. If...See More
Jul 15, 2011
Ron McComb "Do any of you make websites for a side business?"

Yup. I have built a few, and just finished one where I traded my services for about $4500 in audio gear. The site is: [link removed]

I find people are more willing to barter, that to pay in cash. I have about a dozen large sites under my belt and will continue to build them
Jan 11, 2012

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