Re: Do any of you make websites for a side business?

    can anyone spell, SPAM ???sending out unsolicited emails is not going to create the
    regard you are looking for. I suggest printing up or having
    printed some nice postcards announcing your new "service"
    and providing a link to an online portfolio of your work.
    Or you could send out hand addressed "invitations" inviting
    businesses to contact you for a "free consultation" etc.
    Later on, if you feel up to it, call the people you sent
    your mailing to and ask them if they received it, ask them
    what they are doing now, what they would like their website
    to accomplish, etc. also you might write a weekly tech
    column for your local newspaper to establish yourself as an
    expert, that kind of thing. Give talks for local groups on
    the topic of creating a web presence. Have business cards
    printed up and ready to give out whenever the opportunity is
    appropriate.... there are many ways to get the word out
    without sending unsolicited emails. fwiw, megan

    On 8/18/05, Pogo wrote:
    > I'm working on a physician's website to make additional
    > money. I'm thinking of going through our school phone
    > directory and sending out a blanket email to those that
    > have businesses asking if they would like to employ me for
    > their webmaster. Have any of you done this?
    > My dream would be to generate enough business to stop
    > working at school but I'm not crazy enough to believe that
    > will take place.