Re: Mail Distribution Lists

    On 8/31/05, Ron/DE wrote:
    > I am using Dreamweaver for our building site and also for my
    > class site. We use Microsoft Outlook for our mail. My
    > principal would like to create a distribution list to mail
    > info to parents. He mentioned that he wanted something that
    > would allow the parents to sign up and have their email
    > address automatically added to the distribution. I told him
    > I had no idea how to do that and suggested that each address
    > could be added manually. Does anyone know if it can be set
    > up the way he wants it or should we just go with a manual
    > system?I don't know of a "free" way to do it, but there are several
    software programs that automatically add names to contacts.
    Your school could set up an "addme" email address where
    parents send an "opt-in" email. The program would be set-up
    to take any emails from the "addme" email address (example: and those would automatically
    go into any contact list you have defined.

    Below is one example I found (software you can purchase).

    Add Email Address to Outlook