Re: Help help help! I cannot post unless I add to a thread!
Piece o'Cake

    Everytime I try to post a new message, it gets posted to
    the elem board! I'm finally trying to post under this
    existing thread, to see if it works.My REAL question --the one I wanted to post on the Web
    Authors chatboard -- is for Max or megan... When I
    google the artist name for the website I designed, and
    both of you helped me with the METATAG stuff so Google
    could "read" it, the website used to come up. Now, the
    website doesn't come up after a Google search, but what
    DOES come up is my post on this board about how can I
    make it come up on Google. Okay, that was a rather
    circular sentence!

    If a site doesn't get enough hits, does Google not "see" it


    Piece o'Cake (chocolate!)