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Jim Thatcher's Accessibility Web Course is a thorough web-
based tutorial that covers all aspects pertinent to web
accessibility. Originally written for The Information
Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center.
Piece o'Cake /blockquote>

Everytime I try to post a new message, it gets posted to
the elem board! I'm finally trying to post under this
existing thread, to see if it works.

My REAL question --the one I wanted to post on the Web
Authors chatboard -- is for Max or megan... When I
google the artist name for the website I desig...See More
Nov 4, 2005
megan /blockquote>

Hi again - yes the forums have been a bit flakey lately - for
instance I wrote a long answer to your question and then lost
it on submission :( so instead of trying to re-write the whole
thing, I suggest you go to
[link removed]

hth ~megan
Nov 5, 2005
megan /blockquote>

Piece o'Cake please email me using the link on this post - I
have some pertinent info to send you - thanks, megan
Nov 5, 2005
Pogo /blockquote>

Sorry, I'm borrowing your post to post on. The links are
not pointed in the right direction. I'm going to be moving
to MS/HS next year and teaching a class of Dreamweaver. Do
any of ya'll teach webpages? If you use Dreamweaver where
have you found books to help teach it?
Nov 6, 2005

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