Re: Help help help! I cannot post unless I add to a thread!

    Hi again - yes the forums have been a bit flakey lately - for
    instance I wrote a long answer to your question and then lost
    it on submission :( so instead of trying to re-write the whole
    thing, I suggest you go to and download
    their free edition of webceo but much more importantly
    register the software (free) so you can take their free online
    basic course in search engine marketing. It contains some
    good basic info - also start frequenting
    and its forums - there is lots of pertinent info over there -
    site promotion is a full time job - beware of any software
    claims that you just have to fill in a form and click a
    buttong to get ranked high in google or any other search
    engine or directory. also study what google has to say to
    webmasters ~megan