Re: web site design jobs

    I think there is a big demand, but here's the situation ...People want you to do it for free, which you'll discover that
    it takes a lot of time and effort to not only design and
    make the site (HTML and/or CSS), but continuous updates and
    changes will take tons of your time.

    So, you'll have to charge people and determine how long you
    will support their site. Once money is involved, things can
    get serious ... if you spend 10 hours making a website, you
    would probably charge $200 ($20 per hour?). You probably
    don't think it will take 10 hours, but add up your time and
    you'll see it does. Will they expect you to make changes for
    one year, two years, ten years .... for free?

    Then, they might want server-side scripting, like being able
    to process forms, content management. You'll have to know
    PHP (or Perl), or sub-contract that part to someone who does.

    Their site must look good with all browsers, so just whipping
    one out using FrontPage or Dreamweaver won't do ... it might
    look good with Internet Explorer, but not with Firefox. So,
    you'll have to make edits, adjustments, and tweaking until it
    renders properly. You better know HTML and CSS fairly good.

    You'll need to do the graphics unless they provide them.

    You'll have to have them find a webhost themselves, or will
    you use your own credit card to pay for it? And what if they
    pick a webhost that is difficult to work with?

    A lot of thought needed before you decide to do this.

    I suggest offering advice and answering questions to problems,
    much like this forum. You can create your own forum using
    something like this: