Re: web design for idiots

    Chad that is a wonderful service to offer and is probably just
    what total novice is looking for. Just wanted to say tho, for those who are looking into using
    blogs, many have an invite-only, password protected mode which
    allows the blog owner more control over who has access to
    their blogs.

    regards, megan

    On 2/28/06, Chad wrote:
    > On 2/20/06, total novice wrote:
    >> Okay,
    >> I am going to reveal my lack of knowledge just by asking
    >> these questions. I am an early elementary teacher with
    >> limited computer experience: I can surf the web, download
    >> pictures, email. Is there any hope that I could find a
    >> way to create a simple classroom website where I could
    >> post students pictures, write parent letters and maybe
    >> even eventually (as I learn more) expand my site? I am
    >> willing to use a commercial product as long as it it not
    >> too expensive. I don't have time while teaching to learn
    >> any technical skills. This would have to be a no-brainer
    >> activity.
    >> Thanks in advance,
    >> Please Don't Laugh
    > I have a site I developed that is secure and allows a teacher
    > to create a course. The site would allow you to do what you
    > want without having to learn Html and is free. The important
    > thing to consider is the other sites mentioned are accessable
    > by anyone, Mine is based on username and password. check the
    > site out if your interested I'll help you get started.