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Re: web design for idiots

    On 2/20/06, total novice wrote:
    > Okay,
    > I am going to reveal my lack of knowledge just by asking
    > these questions. I am an early elementary teacher with
    > limited computer experience: I can surf the web, download
    > pictures, email. Is there any hope that I could find a
    > way to create a simple classroom website where I could
    > post students pictures, write parent letters and maybe
    > even eventually (as I learn more) expand my site? I am
    > willing to use a commercial product as long as it it not
    > too expensive. I don't have time while teaching to learn
    > any technical skills. This would have to be a no-brainer
    > activity.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Please Don't Laugh
    I feel the same way!!! I am currently working on building
    my own website and a fellow teacher reccomended using I use them for book orders, but they also
    have a free website builder. I used it for the first time
    today and it was very very very user friendly. Plus you can
    create a password and user name for your students if you
    want to limit access.
    I was using a different site provided by the district, but I
    found it difficult to navigate. Scholastic takes you
    through step by step and you can be as simple or complicated
    as you want to be.
    I hope this helps, and good luck.