Re: web design for idiots

    Hi Chad - That is a very generous and tempting offer and normally
    I would definitely be interested, but I am covered up with work
    right now. I don't want to be impulsive and say, "sure" and then
    not be able to contribute. Thanks for asking tho; It made my
    day :) megan
    On 3/03/06, chad wrote:
    > Hey Megan. I think I have shared posts with you before. If so,
    you seem pretty tech
    > savvy would you be interested in toying with this site I am
    working on? It would be
    > nice to have another tech person.
    > The site ranges from being simple to use but is very complex
    when working with the
    > PhP scripting, database connection, croning, and the list goes
    > If you are interested im sure you could find it to be useful if
    you teach, basically this
    > is an advanced form of blackboard hosted on a private site.
    > I have just started working with the
    Webmaster, overall we are all
    > about open source software and attempting to offer this stuff
    free to teachers and
    > students. I am just now looking into adding a VNC or Vskype
    module to allow for live
    > video conferencing. Breeze is a little pricey. anyway ....
    > On 3/02/06, megan wrote:
    >> Chad that is a wonderful service to offer and is probably just
    >> what total novice is looking for.
    >> Just wanted to say tho, for those who are looking into using
    >> blogs, many have an invite-only, password protected mode which
    >> allows the blog owner more control over who has access to
    >> their blogs.
    >> regards, megan
    >> On 2/28/06, Chad wrote:
    >>> On 2/20/06, total novice wrote:
    >>>> Okay,
    >>>> I am going to reveal my lack of knowledge just by asking
    >>>> these questions. I am an early elementary teacher with
    >>>> limited computer experience: I can surf the web, download
    >>>> pictures, email. Is there any hope that I could find a
    >>>> way to create a simple classroom website where I could
    >>>> post students pictures, write parent letters and maybe
    >>>> even eventually (as I learn more) expand my site? I am
    >>>> willing to use a commercial product as long as it it not
    >>>> too expensive. I don't have time while teaching to learn
    >>>> any technical skills. This would have to be a no-brainer
    >>>> activity.
    >>>> Thanks in advance,
    >>>> Please Don't Laugh
    >>> I have a site I developed that is secure and allows a teacher
    >>> to create a course. The site would allow you to do what you
    >>> want without having to learn Html and is free. The important
    >>> thing to consider is the other sites mentioned are accessable
    >>> by anyone, Mine is based on username and password. check the
    >>> site out if your interested I'll help you get started.