Re: Website up and running

    Not bad for MS FrontPage.I personally detest FP. I think the pages it creates
    are poorly layed out and (no offense), ugly. But you
    seemed to make the best of it.

    The marque (scrolling text) is fairly passe, and so is the
    hit counter at the bottom. Sort of a 1998 "retro look".

    The best part is the PHP Forum. That's right up to date
    with 2006 web design and implementation. You can plainly
    see the difference in "look and feel" between your main
    page and the forum. No fault of yours, it's all in MS
    FrontPage ... again, see my FP opinion above.

    But you use what you have and can afford, so there.

    So I won't patronize you and say it looks fantastic.
    The "content" is fantastic, but the "look" is not.

    Perhaps, with time, you'll learn about CSS and how to
    do simple layouts that look modern. With CSS and XHTML
    standards, your site will load faster, render properly on
    most browsers, and have the flexibility to display various
    content without much work on your part. This aspect also
    follows into the "dynamic website" design, much like the
    forum ... except it would be your whole site.

    Enough rambling ... have fun with it.


    On 4/21/06, Mae in Texas wrote:
    > My site is up and running. I used Frontpage to create
    > (okay...Frontpage for Dummies helped)my site. I'm using
    > Total Choice Hosting (which I believe someone from here
    > told me about - thanks - great hosting site and ONLY $4 a
    > month). Check it out...I'm shamelessly promoting...LOL! Mae