Re: Banners & Ad Blocker

    Karen,First of all, give us a link so we can see it.
    That will allow us to help you the most.

    Secondly, your problem may be the names of our banners...
    don't call them "banner1.gif", or "banner.jpg" ... don't
    use the words "banner, ad, ads, pay, popup, etc."
    in the filenames.


    On 4/29/06, Karen wrote:
    > I have banners on my website that I use as signs, not as
    > ads, but they are blocked by my ad blocker program. Even
    > though I turned off the ad blocker program, I'm thinking my
    > banners may be blocked on some visitors's computers. So, I'm
    > wondering is there a way to make my banners where they won't
    > be blocked by ad blocker programs? What is it about banners
    > that causes them to be blocked? Is it the size?
    > TIA