Re: Banners & Ad Blocker - Link

    Hi - the thing the people who require these scripts don't understand
    is that they (the scripts) do not keep people from taking the
    graphics if they want - one can simply turn off javascript or view
    source to see where the graphis is located etc. The fact is, if the
    graphic is in the user's browser then it is in the user's computer.
    ~meganOn 5/01/06, Karen wrote:
    > Actually, I was using Norton AntiSpam and had turned on the "Ad
    > Blocker" (not a pop-up blocker). Norton Ad Blocker is what blocks
    > banners. It also blocks the banners on and other
    > sites. Sorry, I guess I should have said that before. I was just
    > wondering if there's a way to prevent the banners from being
    > blocked, because there may be visitors to the site who also have an
    > ad blocker, and it makes the pages just look wrong with the banner
    > missing.
    > About the right-click disable... a lot of the graphic artists I use
    > require that in their terms of use. Graphic Garden, the main one I
    > use, has since stopped requiring it I think, but I just haven't
    > changed it. There are some graphic artists out there who require
    > kinds of things like disable image tool bar script and no drag and
    > drop script in addition to the right click script. It hadn't
    > occurred to me that it would annoying because I rarely ever right
    > click anything, but maybe I'll change it when I get around to it.