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I have banners on my website that I use as signs, not as
ads, but they are blocked by my ad blocker program. Even
though I turned off the ad blocker program, I'm thinking my
banners may be blocked on some visitors's computers. So, I'm
wondering is there a way to make my banners where they won't
be blocked by ad blocker programs? What is it about banners
that causes them to be blocked? Is it the size?
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Karen /blockquote>

On 4/30/06, Max wrote:
> Karen,
> First of all, give us a link so we can see it.
> That will allow us to help you the most.
> Secondly, your problem may be the names of our banners...
> don't call them "banner1.gif", or "banner.jpg" ... don't
> use the words "banner, ad...See More
Apr 30, 2006
Raven /blockquote>

> Okay, here's a link to the page that has the most banners. The
> one at the top is the only one on all of the pages, and I did
> name it banner4.gif. The other banners on that page are named
> with the letters "sgn", my abbreviation for sign.
> Thanks for your help.

Nothing is blocked ...See More
Apr 30, 2006
Max /blockquote>

Nothing is blocked on my PC (Firefox) ...

The right-click disable is really annoying.
Sort of unnecessary ... as when I disable my Javascripting,
I can right-click and copy the graphics anyhow. I assume that's
the reason for it ...

If someone wants to right-click and bookmark your page,
or send...See More
May 1, 2006
Karen /blockquote>

Actually, I was using Norton AntiSpam and had turned on the "Ad
Blocker" (not a pop-up blocker). Norton Ad Blocker is what blocks my
banners. It also blocks the banners on teachers.net and other
sites. Sorry, I guess I should have said that before. I was just
wondering if there's a way to prevent the banners fro...See More
May 1, 2006
megan /blockquote>

Hi - the thing the people who require these scripts don't understand
is that they (the scripts) do not keep people from taking the
graphics if they want - one can simply turn off javascript or view
source to see where the graphis is located etc. The fact is, if the
graphic is in the user's browser then it is...See More
May 1, 2006

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