Re: help w/ 360 tour on my site please :)

    Did you say you have a totally free version, or a free-trial
    version? And how large (in pixels size) are the photos that
    you took? I'm thinking the photos may have been too large.A few years ago I found a free Java Applet VR viewer that is
    pretty crude compared to PanoWeaver. It just takes the .jpegs
    and puts them in order. You take at least 12 photos and name
    in order, put them in the same directory as the applet.
    It was created in 1997, so that says a lot.

    Here's an example:

    Panoweaver looks much better, but maybe Freedom VR may get
    you going until you figure out why panoweaver isn't working.
    I don't see why you couldn't use the same .jpeg photos.

    I think that this is where it
    On 6/01/06, vanna/tx wrote:
    > Hi- I know you guys are the best and I don't where else to
    > turn. I am really interested in having a 360 tour on my
    > website of my classroom. Several of my visitors have
    > requested one and I am just stumped. I found a free
    > version on the web (panoweaver) but I have been unable to
    > make it work so far. I took all the pics by hand w/my
    > digital cam, should I have used a tripod?
    > Here is an example of a site that does have a 360
    > classroom tour:
    > I'm about ready to give up and try to find somebody to do
    > it for me at a reasonable price, any takers?
    > TIA
    > vanna/tx

    Freedom VR (free Java applet ... circa 1997?)