Re: Creating a form on Dreamweaver for a blog

    html is a markup language which basically tells the browser
    what to display and how to display it, it does not "Do"
    anything other than that.if you want to "Do" something, such as email the contents of
    a form you will need a scripting language. The best thing
    to do is to check with your host and see what is available.
    They often have already written scripts that you can hook
    your form to ( e.g. form action="path/to/script.whatever")
    and the script will be processed by the server and email the
    form contents to whatever email address you designate. The
    most common script languages for this are php, asp, perl,
    and coldfusion but like I mentioned your host should be able
    to tell you what is available and how to implement it.

    There are some javascripts out there, which work clientside
    instead of server side (through the visitors browser instead
    of being processed by the host server) but they usually work
    using the visitor's email client/program.

    hth, megan

    On 6/04/06, Mar/1/Ont wrote:
    > Hi!
    > I'm going to attempt a modified version of a blog. It
    > will really be a web page that I will add to after
    > students send me a submission (which I will have to
    > edit). I want to set up a form that kids will access on
    > the web. I have the submit and reset buttons and the text
    > box all ready to go, but I can't figure out how to get the
    > contents of the box to be emailed to me upon someone
    > clicking submit. What am I missing? I've searched
    > through the help topics but can't find it.
    > Mar