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I used to be able to copy html code by clicking on
the "VIEW" menu and then "SOURCE". Now when I click on
the "VIEW" menu, and click on "SOURCE", nothing happens.
What's up with that? Is there something I need to enable or
disable on my PC to make that option available to me again?
Thanks for any suggestions.
Max /blockquote>

You didn't say whether it was with IE or Firefox.
I'm guessing you need to view options to make Notepad
or Wordpad the program to open up the source code. The
setting must have been erased.

Also possible that spyware or a trojan has hijacked your
browser and has wiped out those functions. You'll know th...See More
Jun 12, 2006
dj~ /blockquote>

IE was the one that I could not view the source. However I
could with Firefox. I couldn't figure out how to make Notepad
or Wordpad the program to open up in IE, so I did a little
searching, and one of the suggestions to make the "View Source"
open was to delete temp files and cookies. It worked.
Thanks ...See More
Jun 14, 2006

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