Re: Source Code Question

    IE was the one that I could not view the source. However I
    could with Firefox. I couldn't figure out how to make Notepad
    or Wordpad the program to open up in IE, so I did a little
    searching, and one of the suggestions to make the "View Source"
    open was to delete temp files and cookies. It worked.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    On 6/12/06, Max wrote:
    > You didn't say whether it was with IE or Firefox.
    > I'm guessing you need to view options to make Notepad
    > or Wordpad the program to open up the source code. The
    > setting must have been erased.
    > Also possible that spyware or a trojan has hijacked your
    > browser and has wiped out those functions. You'll know that
    > happened if you also lose the ability to set your home page.
    > Let us know what you find.
    > On 6/12/06, dj wrote:
    >> I used to be able to copy html code by clicking on
    >> the "VIEW" menu and then "SOURCE". Now when I click on
    >> the "VIEW" menu, and click on "SOURCE", nothing happens.
    >> What's up with that? Is there something I need to enable or
    >> disable on my PC to make that option available to me again?
    >> Thanks for any suggestions.
    >> dj~