Re: non-profit web hosting & more

    Here's one... two web hosting companies I've used I had difficulty
    reaching people with Gisol -- inexpensive, but research for

    The BEST web hosting I've used is Bluehost. They're simply
    wonderful, inexpensive, you can always reach them by phone,
    and they're so helpful even for beginner site designers such
    as ourselves.

    They also have a way to earn money from them. If you were
    to use them, and set up a special kind of link to them, if
    someone signs up through your link, you get $60 (last I

    Here's a website with a link to them, you yourself can do
    the same thing if you use their services, very inexpensive
    for tons of space, and tons of bandwidth. You can have
    music, pictures and more.

    On 6/17/06, rspring wrote:
    > does anyone know of any web hosters that specialize in
    > hosting websites for non-profit organizations?