Re: Website Question

    Thank for your replies. I don't have Frontpage (I have it at
    school). I have a free 30 day trial version. I have a cheapy site at TeacherWeb and I also have a free site
    at Geocities. I am really enjoying doing these and have been
    about as creative as these 2 sites will let me. I think I am
    ready to be a little more creative. I may download the 30 day
    trial of Frontpage just to see how I like it.

    What about Publisher? Does this make for a good webpage?

    Thanks again for all your info.

    On 6/19/06, megan wrote:
    > PLEASE do NOT use word to make your webpages - if you are on a
    > budget check out NVU which is
    > open source - even tho it was first created for linux, they
    > have a windows version scroll
    > down and look for the windows icon
    > hth ~megan