Re: Do any of you teach "Web Pages" to students?
Jean Bullock

    Although coding itself is important as a lesson objective, you may want to have
    it do more. It could involve creating resource pages with learning tools and
    links to websites which offer authentic information or it could also be used to
    learn and understand marketing as employment preparation, or even a posted
    "dummy" resume page. A cool thing to do may be to contact the sponsors of
    your sports teams, yearbook or newspaper and ask if the students could prepare
    a web page acknowledging their contributions. You would probably need the
    permission of your administrators for that one. You could also work with the school newspaper and have the students prepare
    the individual pages of the school newspapers in html or xhtml so the paper
    could be read online.

    For the marketing project, the students could develop a line of marketing
    products: brochures, flyers, business cards and stationery and a website. The
    website design should reflect the style, logo and lettering of the other products
    to teach the students how important those things are in advertising in order to
    help future consumers or patrons recognize and remember the business.

    Good luck to you.

    On 6/28/06, Pogo wrote:
    > I'm not interested in teaching coding. I am, however
    > wanting to have my MS/HS kids use Dreamweaver. The class I
    > will have will be an elective class like annual. I need
    > some ideas for what kind of information they could put on
    > their part of our website.