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My webpage is published with a composer in Netscape (Using
Netscape or Mozilla Composer..is what the tutorial says).
Everything works great EXCEPT I can't get my backgrounds to

My homepage has a background because a computer techie
person at the university did something on the server to
make it work!

But now...I'd like to add some more...and that techie
person no longer works there and I'm on my own!

Here's what the tutorial said:

BACKGROUND IMAGES - To add a background image to your Web

1. First, make sure that your background image is
located inside the same directory as your web site pages!
If you inadvertently link to a background image on you hard
drive, it will not go with the Web site when it is
transferred to the server, and will not show up once
transferred online.
2. Choose Format, Page Colors and Properties from
Composer's main menu ...See More
Ralph /blockquote>

Based on your source, you are still linking to an image on
your C: drive in your My Pictures folder and not your
website. Make sure the image you want is on the web server
then link to it directly (i.e. [link removed].

Good luck

On 7/19/06, Tallytchr wrote:
> My webpage is published with...See More
Jul 24, 2006

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