Re: Composer - question

    Not much information to go on .... but ....You didn't mention if this occured after you uploaded your
    pages and images to a website online?

    1) The path(s) to your images is wrong.

    2) If you uploaded everything, the HTML code needs to
    reflect the location of your images that you uploaded.

    3) You didn't upload your images. You need to upload those.

    4) If you did upload everything to a website, give us a
    link so we can help you better.

    On 7/28/06, BP wrote:
    > I have created webpages before using Composer w/great
    > success.
    > I decided to change my entire website. I am using
    > Composer / Netscape 7.2 and after working for hours on my
    > page the images aren't there except for as a broken image
    > square. I am very disgusted.
    > Please tell me what to do to fix this. I want it up and
    > running for school in a few weeks.
    > Thanks in advance.