Re: My page looks wrong in IE7 -- Please help

    Karen ...I see you're using this doctype:

    Just for the heck of it, try this instead:


    It might make a difference to use Transitional instead of Strict.


    On 6/02/07, Karen wrote:
    > Hi, I'm a newbie to CSS. I've coded my own CSS & XHTML and
    > it looks great in Firefox 2 and IE6. When I view it in IE7,
    > my photos seem to disappear. I have the photos floated left
    > of the text. If I "unfloat" them, they're okay in IE7, but
    > they look much better floated left.
    > My CSS & XHTML code validates at
    > I've been searching the web for days for help with this
    > problem. I've posted in other web development forums, and no
    > one will help me! I'm so discouraged.
    > Please help, I'm ready to start whining, LOL.
    > Here's a link to my CSS code:
    > and here's the link to my HTML page: