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I will be posting lots of word documents and pdf files and short movies (eventually) on my website.

I am new to website development. I am using Web Easy Pro 6 to create my website. (By the way, if you suggest another software package that is better for teachers' purposes, your advice would GREATLY be apprciated!)

I visited one teacher's site and she had a table to share her documents. There were Word document icons and Powerpoint icons and PDF icons in one column, the file name in another, and I think a brief descrption in the next column. There was also a "search by file type" drop box above the table.

That's PERFECT! I love it! So, is there a website that has a tutorial for how I can create this? Or, is there any other source you recommend (book, CD, etc.)?

I asked the teacher, and she said it was set up by her school and not her doing (smile).


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  • Max /blockquote> It's all done using PHP script (most likely). Usually it involves a MySQL database, but it could bedone using without MySQL ... just by using a simpletext-file database.Find out if your webhost allows PHP scripting.If it does,...See More
    Jun 26, 2007
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