Re: How can I create a document management table on my websi

    It's all done using PHP script (most likely).
    Usually it involves a MySQL database, but it could be
    done using without MySQL ... just by using a simple
    text-file database.Find out if your webhost allows PHP scripting.

    If it does, it would be a matter of putting all of the
    MS Word docs in one directory, PDF in another, and Videos
    in another. Then, a PHP script would be created that uses
    a simple database to create the webpage (on-the-fly).
    This is called "dynamic pages" as opposed to static web

    The main thing to note ... you can't develop this on your
    computer and run it on your computer. It must be run online,
    on your webhost ... so you need to have a way to upload and
    test as you go.

    I could do the PHP scripting for you for a reasonable fee.
    Email me from this website:
    "on the Contact Us page". You would need to upload all of
    your files and then provide me with all of the account
    username/password (FTP information) to access the site.

    Catpin Productions

    PS: I'm the guy that does this site ...

    On 6/22/07, Z (new to website development) wrote:
    > Hi.
    > I will be posting lots of word documents and pdf files and
    > short movies (eventually) on my website.
    > I am new to website development. I am using Web Easy Pro
    > 6 to create my website. (By the way, if you suggest
    > another software package that is better for teachers'
    > purposes, your advice would GREATLY be apprciated!)
    > I visited one teacher's site and she had a table to share
    > her documents. There were Word document icons and
    > Powerpoint icons and PDF icons in one column, the file
    > name in another, and I think a brief descrption in the
    > next column. There was also a "search by file type" drop
    > box above the table.
    > That's PERFECT! I love it! So, is there a website that
    > has a tutorial for how I can create this? Or, is there
    > any other source you recommend (book, CD, etc.)?
    > I asked the teacher, and she said it was set up by her
    > school and not her doing (smile).
    > Thanks!
    > Z