Re: jean
Jean Bullock

    Pogo, your site looks good with both Safari and Netscape Navigator. I checked it
    with IE 5.1 and it looked right too. When I resized the window, Safari and
    Navigator versions looked good until I made the window very small. IE, however,
    started looking wrong sooner than the others. Perhaps the problem has something to do with the window size on your monitor
    when you are projecting it.

    Also, if you want to validate your page go to the link on the page. I checked your
    index page with it and it found 18 errors, most of them having to do with cascade

    However, it doesn't make sense that the projector won't show what is on your
    desktop unless you have the window too large.

    On 7/02/07, Pogo wrote:
    > Will you look at the initial page and see if it looks normal
    > to you please? On the screen the left side of hyperlinks were
    > all broken up and it just didn't look like it does when I view
    > it. Thank you.