Re: Thank you all
Pogo nfm

    On 7/03/07, Greg wrote:
    > On 7/02/07, Pogo wrote:
    >> Will you look at the initial page and see if it looks normal
    >> to you please? On the screen the left side of hyperlinks were
    >> all broken up and it just didn't look like it does when I view
    >> it. Thank you.
    > I suspect the trouble may have something to do with the
    resolution of the projector.
    > If the projector was set to a low res setting (i.e. 800x600 or
    lower) you'd get the
    > breaking up of the links. I checked it in several browsers
    (Safari, Firefox, Sunrise,
    > Konqueror, IE, etc.) on Mac, Windows, linux and PC-BSD and IE on
    Windows was
    > by far
    the worst for messing things up at a lower resolution.
    > Check the resolution of the projector.
    > Greg