Re: Total Novice Needs HELP!
Jill in GA

    That makes sense. Thank you so much for your suggestions and
    assistance. I'll let you know how it goes.Thanks again.

    On 7/03/07, Greg wrote:
    > On 7/03/07, Jill in GA wrote:
    >> So...if I use NVu or KompoZer I can just save my design, and
    >> give it to my tech teacher and she will be able to publish
    >> it? Again, I am a novice so please excuse my ignorance.
    > Here's what I would do. I would make a folder called web (or
    whatever you like) and
    > then I would put my page and any related graphics in that
    folder. Just remember if you
    > change things or move files or add new folders inside your web
    folder, you may have to
    > redo the html file that you made.
    > Here's what I mean: if I make a folder called "greg" and inside
    the folder I make a file
    > called index.html everything will be fine. If I refer to a
    graphic file in another folder of
    > my hard drive it would look good. However, if I then gave
    the "greg" folder to the tech
    > to have it uploaded, the graphic file would not show up
    properly...the html would be
    > looking for a file that isn't there. Sooooo, make the
    index.html, and make sure the
    > graphic is IN the folder, that way everything will get
    transfered properly. The html has
    > to point to the right place when it looks for the graphic.
    > I hope that made sense,
    > Greg