Re: Advice please...
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    On 10/01/07, Greg wrote:
    > On 9/17/07, Sara wrote:
    >> I am using a MacBook to create my school's website. I have
    >> iWeb installed on my laptop but it doesn't seem to have all
    >> the features I am looking for. Any suggestions for Mac
    >> friendly website building software for a newbie? Thanks!
    > What do you want to do and how much do you want to spend?
    > Off the top of my head:
    > Dreamweaver is great, hard to learn and pricey.
    > Freeway Express, cheaper and easier...but not as full-featured
    > NVu, free, easy but a little slow
    > Then there are the text editors like Taco, BBEdit, and so on.
    So there's a lot of
    > choice. It comes back to my original question...what do you
    want to do that iWeb
    > can't?
    > Greg