Re: to Max (from Publisher to Expression Web)

    On 1/05/08, Z wrote:
    > On 10/10/07, Max wrote:
    >> You're website does not even define a doctype. Which
    >> doctype would like to validate?
    > I'm not sure if Max visits the site anymore, but if you're out
    > there, Max, I FINALLY revamped my MS Publisher site. It was a
    > SERIOUS undertaking. I've linked it below. Let me know what you
    > think if you get a chance! And thanks for the advice.
    > ZYes, I visit this forum all the time.
    I wish the owners of would get off their butts
    and create a forum using modern forum software. This forum
    system is so terrible and obsolete.

    And Great Job! on your site.
    Look folks, no ! See how nice pure CSS layouts are?

    MS Publisher creates unbelievably bad coding for websites.
    I've never used Expression Web, but I'm impressed that it
    renders fairly compact and efficient code.

    ... and your site validates with W3C XHTML:
    (see link below at bottom)

    You'll notice with IE that the upper thumbtack graphic links
    flicker when you mouse over them. That's a problem with IE
    and there's nothing you can do about that.

    I am disappointed that my Catpin Bubbletest Generator isn't
    one of your "awesome links" :(

    Good going ... and I hope you're learning a lot.


    XHTML validation