Re: just created my first site; feels good to support teache

    A good way to get your site known is to use WebCeo. It is
    free and will list your site with a few hundred search
    engines worldwide. Once you are happy with your site, then
    start using AdSense...once you are on Google's team then they
    will start showing you off. Throw you site around at forums, post it in your signature,
    and show it off to people. In time it will just
    have to be patient.

    After two years now I am just now starting to approach 300
    hits a day. First time you break a 100 is a delight. You
    should be aware that if a district such as mine that uses one
    ISP address will skew your numbers. If 100 kids hit my site
    in a day it will only show up as one user with a
    huge bandwidth.

    For software you should look at buying Dreamweaver. You could
    get it for $200, but it is worth it and the experience will
    only help you down the road. DW even has an option to clean-
    up MS HTML...yea, Word and Publisher make a mess of thing.