Re: Dreamweaver 8

    I assume you mean 'tutorials.'The link below has 3 Macromedia tutorials for DW MX. It is
    pretty close to DW 8 and will work. The links themselves are
    long in order to give the browser a good idea of the subject.
    Here is the title of DW tutorial II: 'Web Design and
    Development Process
    Production Storyboard
    Using Flash and Video in a Website
    Create Image Maps
    Create Rollover Images
    Create pop-up Menus"

    That is one link! Hah.

    They are in PDF form. Feel free to bookmark this page and use
    what you want. I will be adding some pretty hot Photoshop
    Tutorials this winter.

    "Planning Your Web Site" links to some really good Graphic
    Design pages that the author ask me to post on my site. It is
    simple, but very valuable for the noob.