Re: troubleshooting help uploading .wmv to sites

    Here's what I would do first ...
    Find a .wmv file that you DIDN'T create, maybe something
    from the internet, and try uploading that one first. If
    that uploads properly and your own does not, you know for
    sure something is wrong with the way you saved or formatted it.
    Sometimes there are settings on a recorder or converter that
    mess things up.................

    On 1/29/08, like vimeo or teacher tube wrote:
    > I am looking for some troubleshooting tips for an
    > uploading problem to video sharing sites like teacher tube
    > and vimeo. I created a photo story and converted to wmv
    > and then uploaded to the two aforementioned sites. I have
    > done this many times before btw. I got error messages at
    > both sites numerous times saying my attempt to upload had
    > failed because they didn't recognize my file extension.
    > both sites accept .wmv files and I have uploaded wmv's to
    > both sites before. Please help me figure out what went
    > wrong this time...
    > TIA