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I am going to post this on several boards and hopefully someone can help me...

Geocities is giving me a lot of grief concerning updating my website. When I try to click on File Manager (and change from my old website address to my domain name) I can only see fetching data. I have tried to email them and call too but not getting any answers. Is any one else experiencing this problem? It started when they made a big change over at Geocities. My bill went up and the service went out the window! Grrrrr!
Max Is there a reason why you are using their control panel online (File Manager), and you are not using an FTP program like FileZilla (which is free)?

Using FTP to upload/download/edit/move "file manage" ... it the best way to control and manage files.

Most online File Managers and control panels are terrible.


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Nov 17, 2008

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