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I'm working on a project to break up my website into several smaller sites and link them together. This way I can keep content focused, make it easier to navigate, and when I want to change the entire look I won't have a gazillion pages to go through. I've also learned a great deal since I started, so I can build the site better from the ground up. The other advantage is having several smaller sites linked together can move you up in the search engines. The only problem is the cost to maintain several sites. I just found Hostgator (and I'm still having a hard time believing this is true). They said that for $9.95 a month I could have a hosting account and put as many websites as I want on for the one account and one price. I even called and clarified this. They have everything and more that my current host has. I'm really wanting the phone tech help. My host doesn't have phone help. Has anyone used Hostgator? Whatcha think of it?

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