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Look what I just made! I'm working on creating a website focused on using technology in the classroom. Mae
Max Having a forum can be a fun project. But ... building a community on a forum is really tough. There are already thousands of web authoring and coding forums.

This forum (teachers.net) is a great community. I just wish THEY would install a better and more modern forum. This old fashioned thing (where we can't edit our posts) is terrible. ...See More
Jan 1, 2009
Max Mae ...

You put your forum in it's own directory, which is fine, but your main directory has no "index.php" page? So the link shown below ends-up being forbidden?

Until you get an index page made, at least upload this as your "index.php" ...
Jan 1, 2009
Mae in Texas Thanks Max! I've created two b*l*o*g*s to feed into my site once it's finished. I'm working on a site with information on podcasting, b*l*o*g*g*i*n*g, making videos, slideshows, and creating webquests. It's going to take me a little bit of time to put the content on. Thanks for the head up. I'll have to call Go Daddy and ask them how to make it my ...See More
Jan 1, 2009
Max Mae ... Not so much fun to have a forum without members. And as Ron said, a moderator is needed to delete spammers as soon as they post - not an easy task.

The spammers will register as users and then begin spamming. There are actually people hired to do just that.

If you have some special information for teachers that is not avai...See More
Jan 6, 2009

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