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I am getting one installed within the next few weeks and have been looking around a lot for ideas and lessons. I was wondering if you can use the Smartbaord as a regular white board using dry erase markers with the smartbaord turned off and then save that information on the white board? Just playing around with ideas. Lill
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Lil Is the protable wireless slate that you spoke of something from Smart or another device? It sounds interesting.

That is so funny about the dry erase markers because our rep was telling me all about how to use them with the board. I think I will not use them to begin with. I am sure that I would feel awful it the board got ruined.

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Jul 29, 2008
mrsp My wireless slate was ordered for me. There would be different brands. It hooks up through the USB port to my computer. It takes some getting used to because you have to look at the SMART Board while moving your hand on the slate. There is not an image on the slate while you are writing.

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Aug 9, 2008
Tnet friend We were told NOT to use the SmartBoard as a dry erase board. In fact, I have two white boards in the lab, but I keep the dry erase markers hidden away so they are not accidentally used on the Smart Board.

We are looking to get a Numonics board -- they advertise that it's perfectly fine to use dry erase markers on them. And they don't cost ...See More
Oct 7, 2008
LizzieMae If you already have 2 dry erase boards in your lab, you may want to look into a mimio. We purchased one for each grade level this year because we already have dry erase boards and we pass it from classroom to classroom. They don't have as much content as SMART, but we purchased a subscription to StarrMatica for our upper elementary so that has help...See More
Oct 7, 2008
East End Long Islander You cannot use the SmartBoard as a whiteboard! Yikes. You'd ruin it.

Go to this web site for lesson plans and lots of info ...

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Jan 12, 2011

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