Re: Are Smartboards Worth the Money?
    Mitch Ward

    Smartboards are not worth the money. Two of our local high
    schools that installed them have since removed them. Smartboards
    reinforce a teacher centered curriculum, not a student centered

    A much more versatile solution is a projector and a tablet
    computer. When the teacher uses the tablet as an interactive
    white board she can fact the classroom and maintain eye contact
    with her students. This combination of tools can also be used to
    show movies, web content, and student work.

    With a student laptop program the tablet and projector become
    even more valuable for enabling students to share their work.
    Smart Technologies has a tool called Smart Sync that enables a
    variety of student centered activities including chats, quizzes,
    and screen sharing. These sorts of activities are much more
    student centered and all inclusive than anything that can be
    accomplished with a Smartboard.