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I'm doing a presentation on the use of clickers in the elementary classroom. I'd love to hear how some of you implement clicker in your classrooms or computer labs. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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DRR I have the only Smartboard and clicker set in my middle school. I use them for review before tests and for the multiple choice part of exams.

The best use I get for them is when we review for the state exams. I have my students do practice tests at the end of the year that are put out by the state. Just like the actual exam, they are all ...See More
Jul 29, 2009
Miss M I teach high school world history. I have a SMART board, airliner and a class set of clickers. My response as to how do you use them? How do I NOT use them...that's a shorter list:)

How I use the clickers: To answer questions based on reading in their text books, to answer questions interspersed throughout lectures, to answer questions aft...See More
Aug 7, 2009
some thoughts about spending money on education The question is not "how to use" but "how to obtain". I would love to have technology in the classroom. I have researched purchasing my own short throw projector and document reader. I started thinking about all the money I spend each year (this purchase alone would be over $1000). I've spent MUCH time and money out of pocket . You are really lucky...See More
Aug 9, 2009
Teri Ours are funded at the district level through a grant. Each school in our county receives 4 Smart Boards with document cameras per year. Each school received one set of Smart Response clickers the first year, but, as I've said in other posts, we've switched to the CPS clickers from E-struction which are much easier to use and more versatile.
...See More
Aug 9, 2009
Miss M especially at a time when so many > teachers are concerned about having a job. Good luck to you and > enjoy! How does your school have the budget for these > items??? >

My items were earned by taking various technology based professional development in my district and doing a lot of work for our districts Media and Instruction...See More
Aug 11, 2009

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