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History 7, World History, US History, APUSH, Video Production and Computer Science
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Hi everyone my name is Anthony and I am a highly motivated social science teacher who is currently looking for a job. I am attending CSUSM Masters program and will be earning my Masters in History so I can become dual enrollment certified. I have a cleared credential in Social Studies and Computer Concepts and applications. I have taught history 7, US History, and APUSH at a private school for a year and I have taught World History at a public school for two years (which I loved! both the school I was at and the subject I was teaching) and I have taught Computer Concepts and Video Production at a public school for a year before that. I have worked in education since I was 19. I started off working in the Juvenile Court and Community Schools as a teacher's aide and worked my way up to becoming a teacher. I love teaching history and world history in particular, I love teaching as much as I loved it on the first day. I am one of those first in the parking lot, last to leave type teachers, not because I'm looking for tenure, but because it's good practice.

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