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Amber the Breast Health Expert
(Not in Education)
Hi there! I'm Amber, the founder of The Breast Health Bootcamp. I'm an experienced breast health advisor, educator, and enthusiast with 8+ years supporting and educating on breasts and bra fitting. My passion for breasts began when I managed the sports bra business at a global sports brand, and we worked closely with the leaders in Breast Research at Portsmouth University to test our Sports bras. During this time, I recognised the lack of education people had about breasts, and this inspired me to start my own Sports Bra retail business. I would host Breast health workshops and fitting events for sports clubs, health clubs, gyms, schools and businesses. Now, my mission is to educate the educator, so we can all make a difference for the future generations. Find out more at: https://www.breasthealthcourses.com/

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