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Over the years, I've taught art to all grades from K to 12. I just retired after 28 years of teaching. In fall of 2016, I started a youtube channel, and have been uploading art videos I created. I really enjoy making the videos, and want them to be of help to other teachers, so I'm keeping it up. I started making video demonstrations years ago, when the only available technology was vcr. I used a camcorder from the school, and bought empty tapes to use. This technology wasn't user friendly enough to be practical, because I didn't have the capability to edit the movies. So after a couple of years, I abandoned the effort. I started again the year I was traveling to one middle school and several elementary schools, and was mostly "art on a cart". By that time, digital camcorders, and editing on Imovie made things a lot easier and I found that it worked better to play my demonstrations on video, than to rush in with a few minutes before each class I was to teach and set up an area for demonstration. Over the years, I've fine tuned things, condensed demonstrations into a shorter amount of time, worked at making them more concise and easier to see and understand.

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