Re: Tutoring

    On 1/29/01, Anthony wrote:
    > Thanks to Helen Gamby for that link yesterday. I checked
    > out that website your student showed you and it seems
    > pretty reasonable. The prices seem to be in Canadian
    > dollars and would be cheaper for US residents. I will
    > furthur investigate this site and report back to everyone
    > with my due diligence.
    > AnthonyAnthony,

    I too just checked out that site (
    Looks good, but I would like to see the actual questions and
    how they are answered (response time etc.) I have seen many
    tutoring web sites on the net but they are too busy and don't
    make it simple for students to access. Maybe if you have
    anyone who tries the site you could post some feedback.....

    Thanks- Sandra


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