Re: Would someone send an email to my kindergarten class...

    On 1/29/02, Donna White wrote:
    > On 12/12/01, Robin wrote:
    >> We are collecting 100 emails for the 100th day of school
    >> and we only have about 15. I need help please!!!! We are
    >> on day 86. Just send it to the email link above. Just
    >> tell my students something about your school or where you
    >> live. Please help!
    >> Thank You,
    >> Robin
    > I teach kindergarten in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada. We are
    > also celebrating 100's Day at our school soon. Our big day
    > will be on Feb. 11. Our winter has been very mild so far and
    > hardly any snow. Even today it is about 0C and freezing rain.
    > I hope you reach your goal!